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Welcome to KulTech Incorporated

We offer technical services of experienced organic, analytical, process, and environmental chemists, an environmental engineer with experience in air, water, wastewater, and landfill permitting, and a chemical process engineer with expertise in aerosol technology. We provide expert witness and consulting services for (Superfund) litigation based on pesticide projects for the EPA Office of Solid Wastes.

In collaboration with Particle Systems of Gainesville, FL, KulTech has developed a unique aerosol generation and deposition technology that allows preparation of metals performance evaluation (PE) and instrument calibration samples with a wide range of concentrations in micrograms on air sampling filters. The samples are suited for use in ICP-MS and XRF analysis in support of quality assurance of emissions data for metals in both ambient air and stack monitoring or for secondary calibration. KulTech has used this technology successfully for preparation of elemental carbon and organic carbon (EC-OC) samples for thermal optical analysis (TOA) of particulate matter and
diesel particulate matter. Presently, only KulTech provides these commercially available samples that use EC, OC and TC as markers in thermal optical analysis (TOA).

DPM Samples

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